Community Development

The Carteret Office of Community Development manages the day-to day operations of programs that promote economic and community development, including the Urban Enterprise Program (UEZ), Community Development Block Grant, Neighborhood Preservation Program, Regional Contribution Agreements, and Carteret Business Partnership, the special improvement district. In addition the office works closely with the redevelopment plans and initiatives along with the Carteret Redevelopment Agency

Several Boards oversee the goals, objectives, and activities of these economic development initiatives. Working closely with the Carteret governing body, Middlesex County and the State of New Jersey, the Office of Community Development strives to maximize resources, expand program activities and promote Carteret as a destination for living, working and investment.

Contact Information

Memorial Municipal Building
61 Cooke Avenue
Carteret, New Jersey

Phone 732-541-3817 
Fax 732-541-1192 

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